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    Salzburg Global’s Legacy Society is the circle of donors who have made a planned gift. Legacy gifts are critical to the growth, stability, and strength of Salzburg Global Seminar. By committing to a legacy gift, you are making a commitment to the future of our institution.

    If you have already provided for a planned gift to Salzburg Global Seminar, please let us know by contacting Allison Kingery at or +1 (202) 637-7682.


    A bequest is the simplest form of a legacy gift. It is a gift to Salzburg Global at your passing, generally through a provision in your will or living trust. A bequest might not be received by Salzburg Global for many years, thus the restrictions placed upon your gift should be as minimal as possible. A bequest has several advantages:

    • It is 100 percent deductible for estate tax purposes in the US;
    • It may place your estate in a lower estate tax bracket; and
    • It may be revoked at any time during your lifetime if your situation changes.

    For bequests from other countries consult your estate planner.

    Charitable Remainder Trust

    When you create a charitable remainder trust, you give money, securities, or other assets to a trust you create that will then pay you, or a beneficiary of your choosing, an income for life, or for a period of years (not to exceed 20). Donors can design a trust to meet their own special needs and should review their charitable remainder trust with their financial advisors.

    Retirement Plans

    Retirement plan vehicles like the Roth IRA, 401(k), and 403(b) allow individuals to save and plan for their retirement. You can gift all or a portion of your retirement plan by naming the Salzburg Global Seminar as a beneficiary.

    Insurance Policies

    Donating a life insurance policy that you no longer need (because the beneficiaries have reached adulthood, or are otherwise protected) allows a donor to make a legacy gift without using other income or assets. The donor may also consider taking out a new life insurance policy naming Salzburg Global Seminar as the beneficiary and owner of the policy.


    "Since its founding, in 1947, the importance of the work of the Salzburg Global Seminar has been in my bloodstream. My British father, with my American mother, was at the first gathering at Schloss Leopoldskron. I myself was, much later, involved in the work of the Salzburg Seminar (as it was called) a couple of times as a member of faculty in their Education Programme. To participate in this way is almost inevitably to be convinced of the huge importance of its mission. Personally, I am not someone that can make large annual contributions. However, I am in a position to show my enormous gratitude to and faith in the Salzburg Global Seminar through a legacy gift in memory of my father. I am happy to be able to make this contribution towards the ongoing work of Salzburg Global."

    - Jill Pellew

    "Salzburg Global Seminar makes a difference: this is what has always appealed to me and to my husband Paul. We have believed in the power of Salzburg Global to change lives, to encourage young leadership, to inform the global conversation. While both of us serve on multiple other boards - both American and international - Salzburg Global Seminar has a special place in our hearts. From the "Magic of the Schloss" to the lively conversations in the Bierstube and contemplative walks around the lake - Salzburg Global allows for respectful engagement on neutral ground. We are pleased to be able to support such a special place and help keep it safe for future generations. Please join us in this important work."

    - Heather Sturt Haaga, Chair of the Board, Salzburg Global Seminar